Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What is Red Monday?

So sometime around the end of September / beginning of October, people started talking about this new site, (the password is "gabriel" for those not in the know). Nobody is sure what it is, but it's weird and interesting, and I like that. Some people think it's an "Alternate Reality Game," (ilovebees type thing) and at least one person thinks it might be some kind of real-world intelligence operation involving the NCS (an arm of the CIA). I don't know about that, haha...

Regardless, it's getting more involved with cryptic emails and weird forum posts (purepwnage rules, btw), reports of shadowy (government?) surveillance and wotnot... obviously it's something trippy.

But anyway, I could probably go through and make a whole big post about "what we know" so far, but it would probably be redundant. You can find most of what's important here, here, here and here. Rather than regurgitate what people have already found, I want to try and give some unique perspectives, so expect that soon...

Ninjas vs Pirates. Ninja's win. Duh.

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