Monday, October 29, 2007

New E-mail from "JC"

I really don't trust Saul.

I know that's probably not a good thing to say, but the more I think about it, the more I am sure I dont. I'm not going to go into the details of how we met, but ever since we started working together... I've had a bad feeling. He's kept me in the dark about a lot of things... which is understandable--since he's a freaking secret agent and everything--but I dont know. Something feels "wrong" and I can't put my finger on it. Ever felt that way?

I mean it's not his temper, or the fact that he treats me like a kid... it's almost like... I feel like he's lying to me, but I can't say about what. Ugh. Maybe I'm just being paranoid... I took an online personality test once, and it said I might suffer from paranoia. Probably true. Anyways... enough rambling from me... here's the drop I wrote up for this Monday.


Red Monday is in 27 days.

So, if you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to find more information about the Event, Red Monday. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers… yet, but every week a clearer picture is starting to emerge.

Here’s what we know so far:

You can call me JC. I’m working as an informant for a man named Saul, who is a member of the NCS. I’m a civilian, and I work in IT. I established as a drop-point for Saul and his fellow g-men to download documents and information about the “Event.”

The “Event,” whatever it is, is slated to occur on November 26th, 2007, agreed to and authorized by a man whom we only know as “The Prince.” I discovered this information while combing through some Echelon files provided to me by one of Saul’s associates, a woman whom I only know as “Echelon/3.”

We suspect that the “Prince” is in fact a man named Khalid bin Sultan, but this is not confirmed. Khalid is a member of the Saudi Royal Family and a military man. Though he is today an accomplished philanthropist, he was at one point exiled from his country, possibly for challenging the (then) king’s authority. Whatever his motives at that time, he appears to changed his focus entirely, now concentrating on issues like education and environmental protection. So it seems.

What is more unsettling, however, is that I’ve discovered many references linking him with an individual known as “AQ.” By all indications, this is none other than the father of the Pakistani nuclear bomb: Abdul Qadeer Khan. Moreover, Saul has made me aware of a recent meeting between this “AQ” and Khalid at a nuclear power plant in Pakistan. The implications of such a meeting, by itself, are enough to make me concerned.

However, I don’t know what happened at the meeting, so I need to confirm that there is really something going on here, besides idle conversations. Without any evidence that the Saudi’s are building (or buying) a bomb, we’re just groping in the dark. So now I’m looking for evidence that this might really be happening.

So far, I’ve been pretty fruitless, as the server has been pretty much idle the past week or so. I did come across something new, though, but what it pertains to I’m not sure:

I downloaded this satellite photo from a locked directory named “debrief.” There were other files in the directory, but they looked like they were corrupted.

Does anyone have any idea where this is? Saul’s team is busy dealing with some kind of directive from higher up about Iran… so I can’t pull official resources for SatAnalysis on that one. Besides, I don’t think I’m ready to loop him in on this, until I’m sure something is really going on.

I’ll be trying match this with a set of actual coordinates, too. Let me know what you find.

~ JC
11/26/07 is Red Monday | | Gabriel | Nereus

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